Realtime Teaching & Collaboration

Finally, you have a proper HTML/CSS/JS Sandbox where you can code with your colleagues/friends over the internet, in workshops, conferences, etc. in "realtime".

Have you known about Etherpad before ? Yes, it's exactly like that!

All of you can write code in HTML/CSS/JS code editors, make use of tools like prefixfree and normalize, use preprocessors like haml, jade, stylus, sass, compass, coffeescript, etc. ALL in realtime!

Read this Quick Discussion.

There are 2 parts to this Realtime Feature.

Realtime Collaboration

I guess this is quite self-explanatory, All of the collaborators can write html/css/js code in realtime and see it rendering on all devices/nodes.

Realtime Teaching

This is a bit of twist! In the Share box, you will see a small checkbox that says "Collab", if you DO NOT enable that, then this mode will remain enabled.

It is the default anyway.

What this basically means is that, only you can write code (like a teacher on a blackboard) and other's (like students) can watch the code in realtime and see the output area for realtime rendering.


Both the modes have realtime chat too :)